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So, I’ve been doing some research into medieval warfare and other common fantasy writing issues. I’m hoping some of this stuff I’m learning is good, or at least better than the information on horses. Or some of it, anyway.

* * *

Fandom: Firefly
Rating: G
Words: 175
Warnings: Silliness
Summary: Jayne thinks about dinosaurs.

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You know those days when nearly everything goes wrong?

The ones where you start out sick, don't sleep overnight, and have a bunch of stuff outside your control mess up?

The ones where you get lost, have your car break down, and have something wrong with your house?

The ones where you haven't slept for twenty-four hours...

...and just at that moment something else goes wrong?

Yep. That's today.

I apoligize for snapping at you, Jordan. And for not chatting with you, moony. I love you. And for signing off really quick, Bridget.

Current Mood:
tired tired
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Ugh. And here's me leaving basically an hour late for work.

Not that they pay me or anything - I'm back to doing barnwork for rides, but I'm not sure I'm getting rides today. Ah well. *hauls ass off couch*

Oh, and in my defence for being late - I don't think anyone remembers that I'm coming, so I doubt I'll be messing up their schedule.

*hugs flist* *runs*

Current Mood:
rushed rushed
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I've updated Textures of Darkness, my Theodore Nott fic. It's rated Professors for violence, to be on the safe side. Warnings etc. can be viewed if you follow the link.

Current Mood:
accomplished accomplished
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* * *

I've finally updated my Remus fic. It can be found here

Current Mood:
giddy giddy
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I’m going to take a bunch of people who I don’t really talk to anymore off of my friends list this weekend. So, this is just a heads-up so nobody takes it personally.

If you would like to remain friended, just comment on this. There’s no one on my flist that I wouldn’t be glad to keep up contact with… just a bunch of people who I haven’t been keeping contact with.

I suppose I should also mention that if I don’t have you friended, and you would like to be, you can comment too. I don’t think that applies to anyone, but you know… gotta mention it.

* * *
It's 10:30, and I just walked in the door - one almost-breakdown of the car later.

*hugs everyone*

I'll babble later.

* * *

Ok, so I got my very own computer back.

Which means I also got back my bad habit of remaining signed in to AIM, even when I'm alseep/at the barn/reading/whatever.

So, if AIM says I'm idle... I really am.

Just so anybody who has tried/will try to talk to me doesn't get offended when I ignore them.

Oh, and um.... *hugs the person who she might have sorta ignored recently, because she was busy and then not there, but who she really really loves.*

* * *
So, if anybody was wondering what happened to me... I'm wondering that, too.

I'm alive. Just not... around.

And... could somebody make sure Bridget knows I'm not dead? I know she doesn't read this too often, but I need to get off the computer.

*hugs people*

* * *
* * *

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