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So, the last thing I need right now is another dog.

1) I already have two. I live in a little apartment with no yard. I'm stressed beyond all belief and have a very tight budget.

2.) I love my dogs and they've just reached a happy balance.


Ryan's sister is not a good dog owner. And Ryan's finally ready to fess up to that and do something about it. I *desperately* want to help her dog - the poor thing is such a mess, and isn't used to having access to water, attention, etc. etc. But we can't take her on a permanent basis, so we need to figure out who might want her after we get her rehabilitated a bit.


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For my own future reference: Priest Build
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Some of you know that I don't cook.

It turns out, Ryan does. I never knew it, but we got told we were on our own for dinner tonight. Instead of going out or microwaving something, we decided to cook. And not just cook - make something up.

Shrimp and pineapple. It was delicious. Thaw the shrimp and sear both sides. Throw in the chopped pineapple and a few scallions. Add a little bit of soy sauce and a small amount of butter. Eat. We haven't worked out what to serve it with, but...yum. And very easy.

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What the fucking hell were they thinking?

Also, when will it end?!?!

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Yay! Wrath of the Litch King patch.


Damn. Wrath of the Litch King patch.

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Everyone finds comfort in different things.

For me, it's this: No matter what happens, time will go on. What I have for dinner tonight - where I go tomorrow - whether I get a job this week, or in a month - babies will still be born and old people will die, it will still rain and snow, be sunny and windy. The earth will rotate and the sun will rise, revolve, and the seasons will pass. Whether I die tomorrow or live well into old age the mountains and towns and countries will continue on.

My life is mine - my decisions are mine. They effect the people around me, yes, but even if I fuck up, they'll be okay. If I make the right decisions, I will be happy. If I make the wrong ones, I will die sooner. But each decision - no matter how big, how imposing it seems - it's just an insignificant little shift of an insignificant little being on a tiny planet with a tiny sun. So I should make the decision I want to, because it's mine, and because the only thing really resting on it is my life, my limited span of years, and they're not worth anything if I don't live them my way.

So what if I didn't go to school? Who am I hurting?

So what if I want to be an author? Who does it effect most?

So what if I put off job hunting for another week to be with Paulo? I love that kid.

What's the worst that can happen? I wind up working a shitty job for a few months while I hunt up something better? The horror, the shock - a nineteen-year-old looking for a temporary job!

So things are looking pretty good right now, all around. Because, let's face it - there's a hundred things I could do, and do happily. So to the people with the 'helpful' advice: fuck you.

Thank you, and have a nice night.
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Title: A Winter's Eve
Rating: G
Warning: It's set post-DH, but isn't really spoilery at all.
Author's Notes: For Bridget, because all my Harry/Luna is.
Summary: Harry should be going home to his wife, Luna should wear a cloak in winter, and neither of them should be riding thestrals on a winter's eve.

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My thoughts on how war was shown in DH, put under cut because they're naturally spoilery.

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*bounces happily*

I feel productive. I updated Textures of Darkness (finally) and started on the next chapter. And I'm - despite swearing I wouldn't - writing a sequel to my Hermione/Snape story, Home.

Why does fandom writing feel more productive than origific, anyway?

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